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COUNTRY Financial is a group of US insurance and financial services companies with customers in 19 states. The group of companies offers a range of insurance and financial products and services, including auto, home, life, commercial insurance, retirement planning, investment management and trust services.


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Former Employee - Insurance Sales Agent says

"Not a team atmosphere. Expect other agents to stab you in the back"

Former Employee - Claims Consultant says

"Very heavy work load and lack of acknowledgment from Management"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Soul crushing control over daily work from leadership. I hear my co-workers say they are afraid to speak up."

Former Employee - Career Agent says

"They are worse then used car salesmen."

Former Employee - Former Employee says

"Down sizing in several areas; management doesn't care about employees; replacement of American workers; Contact Center is a meat-grinder with micro-management - if you like being nothing more than a number then you'll love it."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Stuck in their old ways, not looking to advance"

Former Employee - Financial Representative says

"Terrible management. Premiums are way too high. If you have questions, it is often suggested that you call the 1800 number our clients call for assistance."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"once you're about 6 months in requirements to maintain good standing increase quickly"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"You never own your book of business. You're building a book of business Country Financial owns.You will be asking family and friends for their business. You will have to call leads in the evening and on weekends when you run out of family, friends and referrals. You may not have assistant so will need to do clerical work too."

Licensed Service Assistant (Former Employee) says

"This was the most dysfunctional office I have ever worked in and was definitely not worth the pay cut I took for the opportunity. My husband was an agent in the office and I had planned to become his licensed assistant but the company poached me, which seemed like it would be a benefit to us both at the time. The agency manager was never in the office (always out on personal time, not appointments), there was no training of new agents, the agency assistant did absolutely nothing and was very hostile to agents and staff and and sometimes downright rude to clients, and the turnover was unbelievably high. I was not given much to do besides answer the phone and take payments at the front desk which was a total waste of my very diverse skill set, including past experience in training new employees. It was much worse for the agents as the company only cares about the bottom line and not the people they hire, contrary to all the claims made in the recruitment and advertising. Regional management was terrible too.NonePoor training programs, shady sales tactics, bad management"

Insurance and Financial Rep (Former Employee) says

"Management enjoyed playing agents against agents creating a hostile and unethical work environment. i.e. taking well earned clients from agents to give to the cut throat aggressive agents. Benchmarks that were required for new agents became required again for well established agents with threats of losing their book of business. What I was told when hired was completely false, it was 10 years of frustration before I got smart and left the company.can't think of anytoo many to list!We appreciate your time and feedback and are we sorry to hear you had a negative experience in this role."

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I have never worked in an environment that was so catty and unorganized! Nobody worked together and they were more concerned with talking about people's business affairs than actually doing their jobs! Made it very uncomfortable, unprofessional, and highly stressful environment! You cant trust or believe even what your boss tells you, DO NOT WORK THERE!!! Even the customer's seemed to go out of their way just to be rude to you! My recommendation would be for the whole office from Sales Reps to Management to be REPLACED!!!!!!NoneEverything!!! The pay, stress, co-workers, boss, dysfunctional office in general"

Financial Representative (Former Employee) says

"I would rather work at a gas station than for this company. they do not treat employees well. do not communicate in a timely manner. They do not offer any work life balance"

Senior Claims Representative (Former Employee) says

"Unrealistic expectations Too much work not enough employees Unrealistic requirements of work production The norm was many hours to get the work done No movement for employees"

Claim Associate (Former Employee) says

"the worst company i have ever worked for. management does nothing to help the does not care. pto accumulation sucks. having a day off was almost a bad thing because the following day there was SO much work accumulated."

Financial Representative (Former Employee) says

"completely on your own no help and products are not competitive. just a waste of time! every one is leaving to go to another insurance company mostly farmersnoneno help"

OFFICE MANAGER (Former Employee) says

"Too much work and way underpaid. Expect one person to work an entire office alone. Hours are ridiculous and no break time. Only nice thing was holidays off, however they were unpaid."

worker (Former Employee) says

"They are bias and treat women like trash. They do not take harassment serious and they sweep anything under the rug because a woman is the boss there. Do not work here unless you want to be miserable."

agent, financial rep. (Former Employee) says

"Where to start. First off, I'm basing my review on being an ex "financial representative", admittedly there are some positions in Bloomington that may merit a higher review than 1 star. I began my career at Country about 10 years ago. At that time, the culture was MUCH different than it is now. The company was doing extremely well, had competitively priced p and c products, and had excellent support from the sales managers.When you begin, you are considered an "employee agent". You start with a salary of about $36000 which is extremely competitive when comparing to other companies. My first 4 years I was a rock star. Made all of the "trips", was tops in my agency in sales, etc. My manager at the time said many times, and I quote, "work your butt off for the first 4 or 5 years to build your book, you'll become a "career agent", and then its smooth quotas, no pressure, you'll be set. I followed his directions to a TEE and became a career agent after 4 years.About 4 years ago....things suddenly started to change. The company started to lose money on the p and c side. The rates on auto and home skyrocketed, and it was a struggle to keep your own book let alone sell to new clients. Suddenly, the company started to push "financial products", even changing names from country insurance to "Country financial". Many agents, myself included, began to struggle, but we had "contracts" which did NOT have any sales quotas attached to them. The contract clearly states that as long as you are servicing your book, you are fine. We all got the same speech over and over again..."selldecent initial paytoo many to list."

Agent (Former Employee) says

"Small company compared to State Farm, Allstate, Farmers etc. The company has gone through a lot of changes at the top and not for the better. Always tweaking the system and never in favor of the agent or the client. Also ran mutual fund products. Not really a financial company. Just a run of the mill property & casualty company trying to run with the big dogs. Truly an employee mill.What's your idea of a dead end job?benefitsmicro management, no room for error, always looking for another agent, plan on failure"

Agency Office Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The manager was new and ran almost all of the employees out so when I joined the company, I was the only one in the office and there wasn't much to do so I was bored 90% of the time and I was alone in the office a lot which also contributed to boredom. A few more employees started after I got there and all but 2 had quit before I left as well (I was only there 4 months) so they were having a hard time holding down that office and it was a wreck."

Financial Rep (Former Employee) says

"Bad rates make it impossible to stay around but... thats ok because the company doesn't want you to stay either. Market to your friends and family and spend your own money to succed. Its a marketing scam get you to wash out after a year and they keep all your clients. I took time off because of the birth of my son and got fired. I saw 5 people get fired in the year that I was there. I was treated very poorly during training. If your a nieve kid right out of school and don't know any better go and work there, if not you won't last very long unless you keep your mouth shut and work a 14 hour day to make about $30,000 a year after spending your own $ on leads that you can't land because the rates are horrible. When your company constatly brags about financial strength you start to ask how is this strenght attained. By high rates and saving $ by passing business to other agents when you get fired and reduced commissions. There is nothing worse than working a sales job for a company that makes decisions to make your job more difficult not easier, then when you can't make it points the finger at you and says what a bad salesman you are or you didn't use the sales while getting paidcountry wide, management does't care, bad rates, no support, retention is not a priority"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Avoid this company at all cost. Used to be a good place to work but since they determined operating costs were too high they have taken to running out long term employees. Bullying and intimidation by management is rewarded. Many have left and are working with major ins player down the street. HR doesn't back employees and you will be a miserable mess before you finally throw in the towel, just an awful place. Apply here if you have no self esteem.FewPoor management drunk on six sigma"

Insurance Representative (Former Employee) says

"There are so many places out there to work for go somewhere else. The stress level was so high and HIGH turn over as they are always changing the rules of how much you have to sell. Three strikes and your out. Even if there for years unless you can make it to career rep if you don't make your numbers they will let you go. It is three strikes for the whole time even if there three years if you get three you are done. Nothing can be done with management and he doesn't care either. He will tell you he will pay you for something or pay you back and doesn't. He has his favorite and will let him do anything he wants. I feel bad for anyone that works there for him. Wish the company would of checked out what he is suppose to be doing at least once in awhile. And he was always on vacation when your numbers were due so he says he won't be much help not that he ever was anyway. The clients don't get transferred and go for many months with no agent rather than be given to an agent. The number of agents is low now and I am sure will drop even further. You have a flexible schedule but I found out you really can't take time off work or you will already be behind. Ask how many agents have lost their jobs recently and do your home work on this company or you could get yourself in trouble quick. When was the last time you saw an ad or tv commercial for them? If you don't know who this company is and what they offer how will the people you are trying to sell to. Oh and push all your friends and family until they don't want to talk to you. No family time either so say bye to them and explain toI liked some of my old coworkers.LONG hours, no respect, claims held against the agent"

Appraiser (Current Employee) says

"Work day was ok until the mico managed our day Alot of computer skills Management is not very good Co-workers are great Hardest part of the job is the weekly changes they force us to do Working with clients and insuredBenifit''sWay to much change of systems"

Financial Representative (Former Employee) says

"BE careful before deciding to invest your funds to secure a position with Country. In the Agency that I worked at, they have NOT kept ONE employee in the last 6 years. Financial Reps usually are fired within 1 year because the goals are so difficult to obtain. The goals have changed over the last few years and retention is NOT a priority,managment just wants to keep their career agents happy.they do offer med, dental, life insurance to new hires, a small base salaryunreasonable goals, poor management, no systems training, lack of support, poor retention rates"

Marketing (Former Employee) says

"I worked at Country Financial for 1 years. I was hired to start a new effort within the company, which I did. My supervisor had no clue how to manage the effort and made my time there a horrible experience. I have been successful in every job I have ever had. But clueless managers made this year awful. Now granted, this maybe just "my manager" and may not be a blanket statement across the company. But I have talked with several other people that had the same experience. So it maybe more common that the company would have you believe. They have good benefits and W/L balance. It is a very conservative, corporate environment that struggles to adapt, especially to new technology and the modern day workforce. They think they are in "competition" with their cross-town big brother State Farm. That is laughable. State Farm doesn't care about them and does not consider themselves to be in competition with Country. This could have been a positive experience if it were not for the managers.Benefits: Pension, 401K, Time offManagement, health insurance is just average, horribly corporate(to a fault)"

Delivery Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Country Financial hires too many family members of current employees. very little chance for advancement. over complicated systems."

Service Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Assistants run the field/agent offices and they are THE most unappreciated members of this “team”. Low pay, high hours while reps play, mostly ALL men"

andrew says

"Horrible Home Owners Insurance company. They spam call you multiple times every day even after you unsubscribe. Three call today and they just don't stop. David Hurt is the sales person and he has automated calling blasting everyone. I'll be canceling my home owners this year and switching to a company that deserves my business."

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